Thursday, 12 December 2019

Glass Office Wall Hacks To Improve Privacy

Any office would no doubt benefit from a downpour of light into the area, which is something that standard doors and windows just can’t provide enough of. Floor-to-ceiling glass partitions, however, maximize the amount of natural light scattered into a room, creating the false impression of a bright, open space. The availability of natural light can help improve the mood of your workers, as bright sunshine helps to lift their serotonin levels, which has a direct impact in boosting their efficiency. Not just sunlight can improve focus & activity levels, but the vitamin D produced from sunlight helps improve the immune system, which could consequence in quite a dramatic decrease in sick days. Less sick days at home means more working days in the workplace, making for a happier, healthier and more efficient workforce.

How to increase privacy in offices with glass walls:
For workplaces with glass partitions, the need for privacy is important. Modern glass office walls aren’t just eye-catching, they welcome natural sun light, make your space feel larger, and boost transparency as well. In some offices with glass walls soundproofing can be incorporated to decrease noise & build-in blinds can be integrated between glass panes for privacy and light management. Other ways to boost privacy in offices with glass walls include but not limited to:

  • Put shelves & casework to enhance organization and privacy
  • Mix in fabric, wood panels, laminates, etc… with clear glass walls
  • Incorporate walls with blinds between the glass
  • Add designs like patterns, art, words, and logos with glass film or glass etchings
  • Add color film to clear glass walls
  • Tactically place artificial or real plants & foliage
  • Exhibit transferable, vertical banners with corporate branding
  • Tacticallyput a decorative screen or mobile divider to add privacy
  • Add posters, and artwork

For those of you who have offices with glass walls in which privacy & organizations was not considering at the time of initial set up, it’s not too late to enhance your existing office space. By putting these above-mentioned office wall hacks into practice you certainly give your office space a makeover while enjoying increased privacy and productivity.

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